Facts about your Dirty Carpet you Might Not Know 

Carpets in your home or in your office could come under a lot of tear and wear if not cleaned regularly especially when soil or small rocks at the bottom layer of carpet is continuously walked through by heavy traffic and when you have kids playing every day. Carpets can be spoiled with traffic, discoloring, stain and if not taken care of properly, you might need to replace them. With regular cleaning, you can avoid this further damage and carpets can retain a new look and the smell and feel like a new carpet longer. If cleaning is not done properly, carpets can end up in a state and could void its manufacturer warranty.

Dirty Carpet

There are many reasons to keep your carpets clean, your health, the smell and the look of a carpet are some reasons for keeping your carpet clean, but here are some facts about dirty carpets which maybe you are not aware of.

Carpets attract dirt and greasy residue

Dirt and the oily residue is carried to your carpet every day, whether from your kitchen or your room or it may be from the outside and it dries on your carpet, these residue locks in the dirt into your carpet fibers. If not cleaned for long, this can change the color of your carpet which will become an unsightly traffic lane and could become permanent.

Sandy soil and small rocks tear your carpet

Carpet gets damaged by what you can’t see; cleaning with vacuum only cleared the top layer of the carpet while dust and soil in the bottom layer remain. This small particle is the reason why your carpet tears apart in the long run if not cleaned thoroughly. If you take a closer look at your carpet, you will see fine sands or small rocks at its bottom part. Sometimes it is not visible but every time you walk, it is grinding your carpet until it tears apart, so we would suggest to provide your carpet to the katy cleaning service

Your carpet is harboring germs that could bring health risk to your family

Your carpet acts as a filter in your home trapping all air pollutants and bacteria such as pollen, chemicals, fungi and even cigarette tar and other residues. If these pollutants will not be cleaned from your carpet, this might cause a serious risk to your family.

Not good for people with asthma, rhinitis, allergy, and eczema

Carpets could be infested with mites whose droppings could trigger asthma attacks. Carpets can also trap other allergy inflaming proteins that can trigger eczema and rhinitis attacks and most of the time we don’t know that the cause that triggered these attacks on your family is just on the carpet. Dirty carpets also pose a risk for people with allergies.

Regular cleaning for your carpet

Aside from do-it-yourself vacuum cleaning, carpet with is recommended carpet should be cleaned by a professional regularly. Regular deep cleaning not only removes dirt, allergens and grimes but also add tears t the carpets life as the abrasive grit is removed which harms the fiber of your carpet. To avoid all of these, trust your carpet to the professionals who have skills developed in many years of work for effective cleaning. Also, look for professional upholstery cleaning everett they can clean efficiently and effectively that will save you time and remove the threats your dirty carpet could bring to your home and your family.