Commercial Fire Door Tips 

When it comes to business, you need to make sure that you have everything at hand, and that you are prepared no matter what happens that you did not expect. One of these is a fire accident or emergency. Of course, as the owner, you have the responsibility to protect and save all of your employees and this starts with providing them a safe building.  

Whenever you have a damaged fire door, it is important to do the repair as immediately as you can to ensure you are always prepared for what will happen in the future. The Chicago door repair is always at service for these kinds of repairs. However, if you have not yet installed a fire door in your building, it is now the time that you need to have one.  

Why do you need to install fire door? A fire door helps prevent the smoke and flames from spreading through the rest of the building and minimizes damages as soon as possible. In addition, they provide an easy escape for the people inside the building away from the fire, while effectively block strangers from outside from entering the place. Above all of these, the local, state, and national building codes, as well as international, require all buildings, especially commercial spaces to have a fire door installed. This also ensures protection and safety for your business, minimizing casualties and damages.  


What are the types of fire doors? 

Now, there are many types of doors that are available in the market that are suited for different needs and preferences. It has different compositions and fire ratings. They can be equipped with certain features such as smoke seals or gas, while you can also try fire-resistant door frames and other types of features.  

You can also choose through your aesthetics preference. This means that fire doors can also be personalized not just in terms of features and mechanical aspects, but also in terms of appearance that suit your building and the aesthetics that its needs.  

What are the fire door labels?  

For your information, different states require different label regulations but the following are the needed label for fire doors: 

  • Information about the hardware it has  
  • Settings for temperature rise 
  • How long does the door can resist fire? 
  • The manufacturing company of the door 

The time requirements for resisting fire 

If you want to find out the fire-resistance time requirements that your door needs to adhere to, you need to find it out on local building codes. The fire door needs to be near the exit so people might notice it immediately.  

Is it necessary to have door inspections? 

Yes, it is. Make sure that you have a professional in your area or local department to inspect the door to make sure that the door abides by the standards and safety requirements set by the local and national department. Once a year inspection is enough. 

When you are planning on installing or replacing your old fire door, there are things you need to take into consideration. Contact your trusted company and door service to ask for professional advice.