Stain Removal Tips from the Pros 

Carpets will always suffer the consequences of spills, dirt from your shoes or accidents no matter what you do to avoid it just to keep it clean especially if you have children at home. Here are some tips for keeping your carpet clean and how to remove those tough spots.  

Never rub the stain. Pour a cleaning solution on the clean cloth and blot the spotted area and put some pressure on it, just repeat the procedure until the stain is gone, never rub the stain, it will only worsen the situation, the stain will only become wider and deeper and in that case, you will need to hire a professional maid service like White Lilac Cleaning Company  

In removing wine and beer stains, use club soda. if soda won’t remove the stain, mix a water and white vinegar equally and spray the solution on the stain soaking it for about 20 minutes and then use a clean cloth or a sponge to blot the spot. Repeat the process until the stain is removed (dispensaries near me). You can rinse it with warm water once the stain is removed.   

Use ice in removing a gum. Just apply the ice on the gum until it hardens and scoops it using a spoon if there are still fibers of carpet sticking on the gum, gently cut it with a scissor on the part of the fiber nearest to the gum.   

Shaving creams can be a good solution too, apply the cream on a stain spot and just wait for about an hour before removing the cream and then spray with mixed water and vinegar in equal proportion and gently blot it with a clean cloth and repeat the process until the stain is removed.   

For stains of grease? Use a dishwashing soap, it’s good for greasy stains. Just mixed it with water and apply on the greasy spot and press it lightly with a clean cloth and repeat the process.   

Candle wax is also easy to remove even if it dried and embedded in the fiber of the carpet. Candle wax is soft even if it is dry. You can scrape it gently with your fingernails, of you could use an iron to heat the candle before scraping. Just be sure to control the heat from your iron and not burning your carpet. Don’t apply the iron directly on the carpet, use a cloth between them.  

Hydrogen peroxide can remove blood stains. If the blood is already dry, use a detergent first mix it with a small amount of water and when the blood softens, scrape it gently and not damaging your carpet. Put hydrogen peroxide on what is left of the stain and apply a towel pressing gently until the blood is removed.  

When the stain is too wide and the steps above cannot solve your problem while dry cleaning is applicable only in removing stains on the surface, it’s better to hire a professional at , in cleaning your carpet thoroughly. They would be glad to help.  

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