Commercial Fire Door Tips 

When it comes to business, you need to make sure that you have everything at hand, and that you are prepared no matter what happens that you did not expect. One of these is a fire accident or emergency. Of course, as the owner, you have the responsibility to protect and save all of your employees and this starts with providing them a safe building.  

Whenever you have a damaged fire door, it is important to do the repair as immediately as you can to ensure you are always prepared for what will happen in the future. The Chicago door repair is always at service for these kinds of repairs. However, if you have not yet installed a fire door in your building, it is now the time that you need to have one.  

Why do you need to install fire door? A fire door helps prevent the smoke and flames from spreading through the rest of the building and minimizes damages as soon as possible. In addition, they provide an easy escape for the people inside the building away from the fire, while effectively block strangers from outside from entering the place. Above all of these, the local, state, and national building codes, as well as international, require all buildings, especially commercial spaces to have a fire door installed. This also ensures protection and safety for your business, minimizing casualties and damages.  


What are the types of fire doors? 

Now, there are many types of doors that are available in the market that are suited for different needs and preferences. It has different compositions and fire ratings. They can be equipped with certain features such as smoke seals or gas, while you can also try fire-resistant door frames and other types of features.  

You can also choose through your aesthetics preference. This means that fire doors can also be personalized not just in terms of features and mechanical aspects, but also in terms of appearance that suit your building and the aesthetics that its needs.  

What are the fire door labels?  

For your information, different states require different label regulations but the following are the needed label for fire doors: 

  • Information about the hardware it has  
  • Settings for temperature rise 
  • How long does the door can resist fire? 
  • The manufacturing company of the door 

The time requirements for resisting fire 

If you want to find out the fire-resistance time requirements that your door needs to adhere to, you need to find it out on local building codes. The fire door needs to be near the exit so people might notice it immediately.  

Is it necessary to have door inspections? 

Yes, it is. Make sure that you have a professional in your area or local department to inspect the door to make sure that the door abides by the standards and safety requirements set by the local and national department. Once a year inspection is enough. 

When you are planning on installing or replacing your old fire door, there are things you need to take into consideration. Contact your trusted company and door service to ask for professional advice.  


Facts about your Dirty Carpet you Might Not Know 

Carpets in your home or in your office could come under a lot of tear and wear if not cleaned regularly especially when soil or small rocks at the bottom layer of carpet is continuously walked through by heavy traffic and when you have kids playing every day. Carpets can be spoiled with traffic, discoloring, stain and if not taken care of properly, you might need to replace them. With regular cleaning, you can avoid this further damage and carpets can retain a new look and the smell and feel like a new carpet longer. If cleaning is not done properly, carpets can end up in a state and could void its manufacturer warranty.

Dirty Carpet

There are many reasons to keep your carpets clean, your health, the smell and the look of a carpet are some reasons for keeping your carpet clean, but here are some facts about dirty carpets which maybe you are not aware of.

Carpets attract dirt and greasy residue

Dirt and the oily residue is carried to your carpet every day, whether from your kitchen or your room or it may be from the outside and it dries on your carpet, these residue locks in the dirt into your carpet fibers. If not cleaned for long, this can change the color of your carpet which will become an unsightly traffic lane and could become permanent.

Sandy soil and small rocks tear your carpet

Carpet gets damaged by what you can’t see; cleaning with vacuum only cleared the top layer of the carpet while dust and soil in the bottom layer remain. This small particle is the reason why your carpet tears apart in the long run if not cleaned thoroughly. If you take a closer look at your carpet, you will see fine sands or small rocks at its bottom part. Sometimes it is not visible but every time you walk, it is grinding your carpet until it tears apart, so we would suggest to provide your carpet to the katy cleaning service

Your carpet is harboring germs that could bring health risk to your family

Your carpet acts as a filter in your home trapping all air pollutants and bacteria such as pollen, chemicals, fungi and even cigarette tar and other residues. If these pollutants will not be cleaned from your carpet, this might cause a serious risk to your family.

Not good for people with asthma, rhinitis, allergy, and eczema

Carpets could be infested with mites whose droppings could trigger asthma attacks. Carpets can also trap other allergy inflaming proteins that can trigger eczema and rhinitis attacks and most of the time we don’t know that the cause that triggered these attacks on your family is just on the carpet. Dirty carpets also pose a risk for people with allergies.

Regular cleaning for your carpet

Aside from do-it-yourself vacuum cleaning, carpet with is recommended carpet should be cleaned by a professional regularly. Regular deep cleaning not only removes dirt, allergens and grimes but also add tears t the carpets life as the abrasive grit is removed which harms the fiber of your carpet. To avoid all of these, trust your carpet to the professionals who have skills developed in many years of work for effective cleaning. Also, look for professional upholstery cleaning everett they can clean efficiently and effectively that will save you time and remove the threats your dirty carpet could bring to your home and your family.


Stain Removal Tips from the Pros 

Carpets will always suffer the consequences of spills, dirt from your shoes or accidents no matter what you do to avoid it just to keep it clean especially if you have children at home. Here are some tips for keeping your carpet clean and how to remove those tough spots.  

Never rub the stain. Pour a cleaning solution on the clean cloth and blot the spotted area and put some pressure on it, just repeat the procedure until the stain is gone, never rub the stain, it will only worsen the situation, the stain will only become wider and deeper and in that case, you will need to hire a professional maid service like White Lilac Cleaning Company  

In removing wine and beer stains, use club soda. if soda won’t remove the stain, mix a water and white vinegar equally and spray the solution on the stain soaking it for about 20 minutes and then use a clean cloth or a sponge to blot the spot. Repeat the process until the stain is removed (dispensaries near me). You can rinse it with warm water once the stain is removed.   

Use ice in removing a gum. Just apply the ice on the gum until it hardens and scoops it using a spoon if there are still fibers of carpet sticking on the gum, gently cut it with a scissor on the part of the fiber nearest to the gum.   

Shaving creams can be a good solution too, apply the cream on a stain spot and just wait for about an hour before removing the cream and then spray with mixed water and vinegar in equal proportion and gently blot it with a clean cloth and repeat the process until the stain is removed.   

For stains of grease? Use a dishwashing soap, it’s good for greasy stains. Just mixed it with water and apply on the greasy spot and press it lightly with a clean cloth and repeat the process.   

Candle wax is also easy to remove even if it dried and embedded in the fiber of the carpet. Candle wax is soft even if it is dry. You can scrape it gently with your fingernails, of you could use an iron to heat the candle before scraping. Just be sure to control the heat from your iron and not burning your carpet. Don’t apply the iron directly on the carpet, use a cloth between them.  

Hydrogen peroxide can remove blood stains. If the blood is already dry, use a detergent first mix it with a small amount of water and when the blood softens, scrape it gently and not damaging your carpet. Put hydrogen peroxide on what is left of the stain and apply a towel pressing gently until the blood is removed.  

When the stain is too wide and the steps above cannot solve your problem while dry cleaning is applicable only in removing stains on the surface, it’s better to hire a professional at , in cleaning your carpet thoroughly. They would be glad to help.  


Sandblasting Types

The process in which a method is utilized to polish or smoothen out a rough surface is called sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting. Corrosion and rust is a common nuisance in the industry or metal parts and machinery. Lucky for us, sandblasting is an efficient and fast answer in getting these materials looking their best and functions properly. Also, this process could be utilized to prep surfaces that require repainting.  


Sandblasting, as the name suggests, is a method which sand is utilized to blast through the surface to remove impurities or to make it smooth. There are also instances, such as dustless blasting in Jacksonville, where there are no dust left after the job. Plenty of pressure is utilized to blow out the sand and cause the blast to happen. The pressure utilized typically defines how quick the method would be and the resulting quality.  

The name sandblasting was used commonly before since sand was the only medium/grit used. But, other types of grits and fire sprinkler service started being used as trends in the metal industry kept on improving. Usually, the type of grit utilized would define the type of blast used. 

Silicon Dioxide or Silica Sand 

Regular sand, also known as silicon dioxide, could also be referred to as quartz or silica. Silica sandblasting was a process that is used commonly to remove impurities from surfaces. The reason for this is that particles of sand are mostly have same sizes and the particle’s edges are sharp maids of jacksonville fl. This makes this type of medium effective in sandblasting. But, this type of sandblasting isn’t famous anymore since there are other blast grits that work much better than silica. In addition to that, sand could also cause a few types of respiratory illnesses.  


This type of sandblasting refers to the use of bicarbonate soda or baking soda in the process of blasting. Soda is utilized as an abrasive to get rid of rust from metals without damaging the material or causing depression beneath the surface’s material. Also, soda is an ideal grit to utilize on materials that are delicate that might be damaged by stronger abrasives.  

Steel Grit 

Steel grit is utilized as an abrasive in the cleaning of rust and paint from metals made of steel. The use of this type of grit would leave a smoother surface finish. Oftentimes, steel grit is preferred because it cuts very quickly in nature.  

Glass Bead 

Glass bead sandblasting is ideal for a stain and matte finish. The reason for this is that this material has a really fine texture that polishes the surface of the item that is being cleaned. This type of sandblasting is frequently utilized on cabinets. 

Bristle Blasting 

No separate medium is utilized in this type of sandblasting. Bristles made of steel wire are rotated instead on the surface. The rotation of the material helps in removing the impurities of the surface. Thus, it leaves a smooth and fine surface. This process is usually utilized to clean the surface of a metal.